The Irish Cultural Society is a group of your friends and neighbors who want to know more about their Irish heritage. The group, non-political by its charter, endeavors to bring together people with the common goal of learning about our roots and supporting Irish culture and study.

Our Next Meeting - "Irish Famine Benefactors"
When Ireland was in the throes of its nation-altering famine in the middle of the nineteeth century, many unexpected benefactors came forward to aid the starving people of Ireland. The kindness of these benefactors will be the subject of the guest speaker, Professor Christine Kinealy, at our next meeting. The meeting will be held at the Garden City Library, 60 Seventh Street, across the street from the Garden City Hotel, at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 12th. Click here for full meeting details.
Annual Writing Contest
Our popular Annual Writing Contest is now underway. This year, contestants are asked to develop a creative dialogue between the two characters in James Joyce's short story A Painful Case.

Contest Links

   - Contest Details

   - Helpful Hints

   - A Painful Case by James Joyce

The Hedgemaster
Our latest addition to the archives is "The Ogham Alphabet", written by John Walsh. 
Members receive our newsletter, the Hedgemaster, four times a year. The Hedgemaster announces meetings, theater trips, and other news of interest to people interested in matters Irish, and contains an article of about 1000 words on a topic from Irish history or culture.  The Book of Kells, the Wild Geese, the Apprentice Boys, the Travelling People, the Brehon Laws, and the Potato Famine are among the many subjects of articles in the Hedgemaster. Please visit our Hedgemaster Archives to sample past articles.
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