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The Irish Cultural Society is a group of your friends and neighbors who want to know more about their Irish heritage. The group, non-political by its charter, endeavors to bring together people with the common goal of learning about our roots and supporting Irish culture and study.

We welcome new members at any time. Please download our membership application and bring it with you to any meeting, or mail it to us!

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A Gaelic Quatrain for Steven McDonald

Forgiveness --

It confirmed your saintliness

To people needing heroes.

The world owes you endlessness.


October 14, 2020


Garden City Casino

Our Next Meeting: 
The Irish Brigade at Gettysburg


You may be still hearing the voice of the great Irish tenor John McCormack in your head from last October's meeting. At this meeting we bring back Mike Fitzpatrick who brought John McCormack to our stage. Tonight, Mike escorts us to the Battle of Gettysburg to join the many Irish soldiers who fought and died during America's Civil War. Mike's topic is "The Irish Brigade at Gettysburg". Mike is president of the Nassau County Civil War Roundtable.


The Battle of Gettysburg stands out from the many conflicts of America's Civil War, not the least for its being the site of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address: "Four score and seven years ago ..." From our schooling we remember the name of the Confederate General Robert E. Lee and General George Pickett, famous leader of Pickett's Charge. Not in our curriculum was the role of the Irish, 160,000 of whom fought in the Union Army, nor did we hear about the most renowned Irish unit, the Irish Brigade of the Army of the Potomac. Mike's talk will give is the history of the Irish Brigade to show us why the Irish Brigade has such a legendary history.


Join us on Wednesday, October 14th at the Garden City Casino - please note the venue change. The meeting begins at 7:30pm.

Face coverings are required and social distancing is expected to be practiced by those in attendance. Maximum attendance is 40, so arrive early to make sure you get a spot!


The Hedgemaster Archives is our link to our heritage. Please browse our rich collection of Irish culture and history to learn some more of our lineage. We have significantly added to our collection, so take a look at the new additions! 



Contest Details

The Annual Writing Contest is named in honor of Martin J. Kelly, a founding member of the society and its past president for 23 years until his passing on July 2, 2015.

To learn more about Martin, please click here.

2020 Writing Contest Completed

Welcome to the Martin J. Kelly Writing Contest!


This year, our contest challenged students to incorporate Early Modern English phraseology in a contemporary setting, such as rewriting school rules using words like vouch and attainted and referring to the principal as the seneschal.  As an example of Early Modern English vocabulary and usage, we are providing the text of the Statutes of Kilkenny (1367), which were laws imposed upon Ireland by England. 

The contemporary rules will come from school rules, sports rules, club or family rules or any set of regulations with which the entrant wishes to play.  Briefly put, we ask students to rewrite today’s regulations in 14th century English.  Easy?  No.  Fun?  Yes!


We express our appreciation to teenagers who took up our challenge and to our sponsor, The H.W. Wilson Foundation



Irish Cultural Society
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