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2020 Writing Contest Underway

This year, our contest will challenge students to incorporate Early Modern English phraseology in a contemporary setting, such as rewriting school rules using words like vouch and attainted and referring to the principal as the seneschal. As an example of Early Modern English vocabulary and usage, we are providing the text of the Statutes of Kilkenny (1367), which were laws imposed upon Ireland by England. The contemporary rules will come from school rules, sports rules, club or family rules or any set of regulations with which the entrant wishes to play. Briefly put, we ask students to rewrite today’s regulations in 14th century English. Easy? No. Fun? Yes!

We will honor the winners and their families and the teachers who had so much to do with their success. Join us as we express our appreciation to teenagers who took up our challenge and to our sponsor, The H.W. Wilson Foundation.

Please click on the "MARTIN J.KELLY WRITING CONTEST" at the top of the screen to get full contest details and 'Helpful Hints'.