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Selected 2017 Student Quatrains

"Valentine's Day Gift"
by Summar Khan


Why give me

flowers?  they wilt, can’t you see?

petals drift off, decay now.

is that how our love will be?

Manhasset High School

Ms. Candyce Kannengieser

"Game of War"
by Young Park

Take a guess

The game’s one goal is success

To make the mate is the core

This is war.  The game of chess.


Sewanhaka High School

Ms. Michelle Papaccio

A Quatrain
by Taylor Drew


It’s the light

Of love that defeats the night--

Full of hate and wretched pain--

To restrain blackness with white.

W.C. Mepham High School

Ms. Nicole Maresca

A Quatrain
by Doreen Dong


One can’t tell

The inside by outer shell.

As image tends to misguide,

Truth can hide beneath lies well.

Bethpage High School

Ms. Whelan

A Quatrain
by Domenico D'Erasmo



Humanity’s greatest potion

Cleanses the soul, calms the mind

Gentle, kind, soothing lotion.

H. Frank Carey High School

Ms. Joanne Bergbom

A Quatrain
by Melvin Thomas


Love is hard,

Not just buying her a card.

Love must be felt in your heart.

Falls apart with disregard.

New Hyde Park High School

Ms. Anna Caruso

"How Dare They?"
by Jillian Landesma



is what you are.  pitiful

others try to convince you

that your hue is despicable.

Valley Stream South High School

Ms. Kerry Butler

Race in The Bluest Eye
by Richard Lilly


Oh, Shirley,

How I wish to be like thee.

Adored, white, she’s got it all.

Can’t be that doll; I’m black, see?

Long Beach High School

Ms. Tamara Filloramo

A Quatrain
by Kathryn Sandford



Wings in the air, soaring high.

Catch it and cover the lid,

On this midnight in July.


Sacred Heart Academy

Ms. Maura Rossi

A Quatrain
by Despina Atsidakos



A country not based on hate

No matter what it will take

We can make our country great.

JFK Bellmore High School

Ms. Christy Rochford

by Alexandra Gately


The sky blue

The winter winds say adieu

Flowers await the blissful sun

Spring’s begun, time to renew

MacArthur High School

Mr. Michael O'Shea

A Quatrain
by Isabella Pace


Tendrils creep

A cold embrace that runs deep.

Mist over rolling cliffs soars

Wind that pours into a heap.

Oyster Bay High School

Ms. Karen DiMaggio

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