Coming in March: How the Music of the Ancient Harpers Was Saved

The harp is well known as the symbol of Ireland’s musical heritage. But like so many heritage treasures, harp music had to be recovered from years of neglect. The March 13 meeting of the Irish Cultural Society will remind the audience of the harp’s place in Irish culture and relate the history of harp music being saved from the ravages of time. The meeting’s title is “How the Music of the Ancient Harpers Was Saved.” The Society’s meeting will convene at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 13 in the Garden City Library, 60 Seventh Street. The speaker is himself a harper, Joseph Mugivan, who has created a CD of harp music, entitled “When First I Met Thee: A Meditation on the Small Harp.” Mr. Mu

February Meeting: Mike Quill: Which Side Are You On?

Mike Quill returns to our stage on February 13th as the subject of a documentary film, “MIKE QUILL: Which Side Are You On?” The documentary’s producer Macdara Vallely will show our audience an excerpt of his film and speak about Quill’s accomplishments as head of the Transport Workers’ Union and his larger than life personality. Many of our members remember Quill’s brogue getting more and more Irish as he got more and more excited and his mispronunciation of the Mayor’s name as “Mayor Lindsley,” and his reference to the judge in his black robes. Our speaker will remind us of Mike Quill’s being a headline grabbing union leader in a city of headline grabbers. Macdara Vallely, native of Arma

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