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Jim Hawkins: The Irish People in Story, Song, Poetry & Narration - Part 2

Jim Hawkins began his storytelling and writing journeys over 30 years ago at The Irish Cultural Society.

On November 13th, Jim returns with Part 2 of his saga in which he will take us through the effects of the Great Hunger on the Irish People, the influences of Daniel O’Connell and Charles S. Parnell, the results of the 1916 Uprising, Eamon de Valera and an “independent” Ireland, Bloody Sunday and the Hunger Strikes, the Good Friday Agreement, and Brexit.

He has performed several programs for us: “Irish Stories and Songs”, “A Traditional Irish Christmas”, and Robert Emmet’s “Speech from the Dock”. His writings for The Hedgemaster have included the four part series “The Irish Storytelling Tradition”, “The Forgotten Women of 1916”, and articles on the authors Sean O’Casey, Douglas Hyde and Seamus Heaney. Two years ago Jim presented Part 1 of his series “The Irish People in Story, Song, Poetry and Narration”.

Jim’s genius at combining music and story will be on display on this evening. This will be an evening rich in Irish history and rich in the Irish people’s gift of language.

Join us on Wednesday, November 13th at the Garden City Public Library. The meeting begins at 7:30pm.

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